Mezzanine View

In architecture, a mezzanine is an open level between floors that allows light and energy to flow freely. In theater, it means premium seating with an unobstructed view. At Mezzanine Salon, the beautiful, historic space also inspires freedom, openness and a flow of creative energy…but the space is only where it starts. 

Its a relaxed, creative environment in a strong community; comprised of inspiring design, beautiful art, compelling music, talented stylists and a welcoming atmosphere. An eclectic group of high-caliber stylists bring a mix of styles and perspectives. The services provided stem from the training of experienced experts, combined with on-going education and products made from top-of-the-line ingredients. 

This combination of factors results in an experience that encourages you to let your creative self shine, to dream big, aspire to and try new directions with your sense of style. Its a salon energized by the tension between modern & historic, refined & industrial, masculine & feminine. Its a place to collaborate with talented experts and develop your style, in an environment of tasteful grandeur and doses of expressive dissonance. 

Mezzanine is an environment inviting inspiration, making space for creative acts of individual expression and beautification both inside and out.